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Friday, 16 March 2012

Bombay Cuisine/Indian/Moffat

Moffat is not somewhere we usually go, but in this case it was a good stop of point during a business trip. We fancied an Indian meal so a quick Google gave us Bombay Cuisine.

It was a pain in the bum to find with the Sat Nav and postcode, it kept taking us round and round a block when in fact the restaurant is on the main part of the street opposite some street parking places.

The restaurant itself is downstairs, not quite a cellar, but a lower floor and on entering it has that faint smell of mustiness.

We were greeted by a very jolly man who we later found out was Kal, the manager.  He was just in a regular shirt and pants, no uniform, and didn't look as though he was at work really, so we had to ask if there were in fact open.  They were, and we were ushered in.

We were given a choice of tables, which is always nice, there was just one other larger group in.  It was buffet night so the buffet was in full force, we asked what was on it and the waiter gave us a guided tour explaining what each dish was.  We ended up deciding to go for the main menu though.

The menus were quite tatty and stained, and felt a bit grubby in the hands.  Could do with getting them re-done.  Kal came over to take our order and he was fabulous, suggesting different foods and options.

I went for Patra - Vine leaves soaked in gramflour & spices. Shallow fried. Served with tamarind sauce and seasoned chick pea's.

This was gorgeous, I have never had anything quite like this and not sure how to describe it really.  Crunchy, tasty, something different.

My partner went for an Onion Bahji, which looked quite different to others he has had, flat and crispy.  served with some lovely sauces  (which I ate  :) )

For a main, and under Kal's guidence, I had the Vegetable Thali's Chefs choice of three home cooked dishes. Served with Riata, Rice, Popodom & Chapati. 

It arrived in a COLD metal tray, almost like a school dinner tray, not very pretty to look at, but the food was magnificient!

Not quite sure what it all was, the first one was a curry base, the second had some okra (which is one of my favourites) and the last was paneer saag. I got the rice and the chapati, but not the popodom or the riata.  I didn't actually realise there was bits missing until later, there was plenty of food, but would have been nice to taste the missing bits too.

Partner had his usual Chicken Tikka, Kal tried to talk him into a spicier version, but he wasn't having any of that.

He said it was really good, nicely flavoured.  It was served with rice, curry sauce & a salad garnish (although the salad garnish didn't arrive)

We also ordered a sesame naan, as this was a new thing to us.

That was really nice, the sesame seeds worked really well with the soft bread.

The house wine was nice, rich and full bodied.

All in all, the restaurant is basic, there is a lot of comings and going for take-aways, and the toilets could do with a spruce up.  But look past that as the food is excellent.  We will definitely be back when passing again.

Here are the details for you: 

Lower Craignelder 
High Street, 
DG10 9ED
01683 220900