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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Coach & Horses/Pub Food/Carlisle

The Coach and Horses pub at Kingstown have made the lounge part of their establishment into a restaurant named Hussars.

I went with my partner a couple of months ago, but forgot to take the camera, as I went back with a couple of friends for lunch last week I thought I would take the opportunity to grab some more photos.  Therefore this blog is about both visits.

Situated opposite the turning into Kingstown industrial estate, it is a beautiful stand-alone building with some nice features.  Out the front is some tables and chairs for a summertime drink - although certainly not good for Vegetarians due to the number of wagons that  pass full of animals heading for the abbatoir!

Good amount of car-parking around the back.

The first time I went I ordered Brie to start (no onions on the salad please)  The brie was beautiful and crisp, a good size,  but alas the salad came covered with onions so I had to leave that.  As the waitress came to collect the plates I asked her to double check the main course would not come with onions on the salad.

For a main I had Veggie Burger.  It was fine.  You can't really judge a place by a frozen veggie burger, but its a great addition to have on the menu - thumbs up for that!  And there was no onions on the salad this time  :)

The chips deserve a special mention though, they are gorgeous.  Unpeeled potatoes, obviously hand-made, and just delicious.

We were going to have a desert, but when the waitress picked up the plate she didn't ask us.  I suppose we should have gone to the bar and ordered one, but when you go to a 'restaurant' do you not expect to be served?  It's a little point I suppose, but makes all the difference.  They lost out on a good few quid as we were going to have a pud each and an extra drink.

This time we went I was planning to have the Mushroom Stroganoff, but alas it had lots of onions in, so went for the Veggie Burger again, asking for no onions on the salad.  Didn't get a salad this time at all, but plenty of chips.

One of my friends had a Burger with egg and cheese, he said it was really good.

My other friend had the sausage & onion baguette with chips  (she got a salad!)

Will definately be back, even if just for the chips!

Cannot find a website, but here is the address.

The Coach & Horses
234 Kingstown Rd,
01228 525535

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