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Monday, 16 August 2010

Samson Inn/Pub Food/Gilsland

We own a mad Springer Spaniel named Dotty Dog (don't forget the Dog part, it's very important) and as we live in beautiful Cumbria we have some gorgeous places to walk and explore.

Often, it is nice to end a nice summers day with a bar meal and a chilled drink, but less often can you find somewhere that has tables outside so you can sit with your Dog. Until I came across a great website called Doggie Pubs. This website tells you which pubs will let your Dog in - yes, not just outside on the picnic tables, but actually into the pub itself!

So, I thought I could add a new category to my blog, not only Vegetarian friendly, but Doggy friendly too :)

We started with this one - Samson Inn in Gilsland. (It is listed as Brampton, but is in fact a good few miles away)

Very popular with the "Wall Walkers" (That's Hadrians Wall, in case you don't know the area) and 75% of the customers arrived complete with walking boots and backpacks.

Set on the main road, just under the railway bridge in Gilsland, you can park behind the Pub, slightly up a hill, next to the Goat (yep, a Goat)

The Pub was basically done, well you don't expect posh carpets and furniture when walkers are going to tred sheep poop all over it.

Toilets need a good spruce up, the lock on the door was hanging off, the toilet mat (didn't realise people still used those) had certainly seen better days, and there was nothing at all to dry your hands on, no paper towels, no hand-dryer, nothing.

Dotty Dog was a little confused, couldn't work out where she was being taken, but after a little persuasion she trotted in and settled down under a table.

We were half an hour early for dinner, but we were happy to wait with a chilled half Cider for me and a Coke for him.

Menu looked good, quite extensive for a little village pub.

Staff were polite and friendly, and not really like staff at all - no uniforms, very laid back, and only when the owner's (??) daughter came screaming through the bar demanding money for an ice-cream, did you feel slightly intrusive.

I ordered the Breaded Mushrooms to start, which were really tasty with a nice crisp herb crumb - a little to crisp though as when I stuck my fork in one it flew across the table and onto the floor, to the delight of Dotty Dog! The Garlic Mayo dip was pretty good too. Good size portion for a starter too.

Hubby had Garlic Bread, looked like supermarket GB, but he likes that and it was reasonable enough.

To follow I chose "Spinach and Marscapone Lasagna" which actually wasn't as good as it sounded, the Spinach part was just the green lasagna sheets, filled with veg in a acidic tomato sauce. Not the best I have had, but ok. The alternative Veggie choice was Red Thai Vegetable Curry.
Sorry, I forgot to take a photo before I started, and I didn't like to ask the bloke on the next table if I could photograph his !

Hubby, as usual, had Gammon - very nice he said.
And Dotty Dog enjoyed the bits he left.

Was going to try the puddings, there was only two on the menu, which kind of says that they were home-made, but we were too full. The choices were Sticky Toffee Pud and Bread & Butter Pud.

One thing to mention is they seemed to have a fabulous array of Whiskeys, I don't drink it but the display looked nice :)

The bill, not including a tip, was £33 for two starters, two mains, two pints of Cider and two Cokes.

Only go to this pub if you like dogs though, there was a Collie under the next table, and two Collies under the one opposite, and only if you want to talk to people about their walk on the wall, which to be honest, was fascinating, lots of stories and advice, but not somewhere for a quiet romantic meal, especially when the Collie next too us had rolled in a nice soft cow pat and you could smell it.

Here are the contact details:
Samson Inn
016977 47220

Do comment if you have been.

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  1. Hi there,
    The Samson Inn has now been taken over by new owners and has new spruced up toilets and a dining room for anyone not so keen on dogs, whereas the bar still welcomes our four legged friends. Please feel free to drop by and see if you like it! Our website is