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Monday, 9 August 2010

Fu Man Lou/Chinese/Carlisle

***Have updated this Blog with a follow up. Click HERE to view***

The Fu Man Lou Chinese Restaurant is situated on Botchergate in Carlisle.

Formerly known as The Jade Garden, it had a really good reputation for great Chinese food, but a hiccup with change of owernship a couple of years ago saw the quality change a bit. However, nowadays the Fu Man Lou is a great little restaurant.

Parking in William Street Car Park (just off Tate Street) is probably the easiest, then just walk through the lane onto Botchergate.

The outside of the restaurant is a quite horrid lurid bright green, you can't miss it ! Inside it has hardly changed from when it was the Jade Garden. Looks a wee bit tatty and out-dated, with an 80's style sofa near the door for people to sit on while they wait for their take-aways. The tables are basically set, but clean.

They offer a great "eat as much as you like" deal for just £12.50 - all the food is cooked to order, you don't have to pick things out of a buffet, so ideal if you do not like certain ingredients. Not sure if this offer is on all the time, so worth checking before you go.

A great selection of starters, includng a wonderful Vegetarian Peking Grilled Dumpling, which is one of my favourites. The Seaweed is fresh and crispy and one of the best I have eaten.

You can choose as many starters as you like, the only rule is you must eat everything before ordering more, which is fair enough.

Then there is a Crispy Fried Duck course - served with pancakes and veg. I choose another Veggie starter while my dinner guests eat their duck :)

There are about 12 options for a main course, you order one dish, and when (if) you finish it you can order another...... and another......

Plenty of choice to suit most tastes.

Good wine list too.

We went with a large group of 8, the £12.50 deal was not supposed to be on that night (Friday) but I phoned up and asked if they would do it and they nicely agreed.

The bill was £144.00 not including a tip, for 8 meals, 2 bottles of wine, beer and some soft drinks.
No website, but here are the contact details.
Fu Man Lou
145 Botchergate
01228 598866
Feel free to comment if you have been.
***Have updated this Blog with a follow up. Click HERE to view***

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