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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fibber McGees/Pub Food/Lancaster

We came across this place while wandering through Lancaster doing a bit of tourist shopping. Being strangers to the town we just had to bite the bullet and take a chance.

Walked in to a very "wooden" bar, wooden floors, tables, chairs, everything seemed to be wood. Sat down at a table, which like the others, was built from slats of wood. Nice from a distance but when you get sat down you notice all the old food, dust and grub in the grooves - urgh !!! Stick a cloth in and give them a wipe PLEASE !!

As we were looking at the menu another customer was yelling quite loudly at the barmaid, demanding a refund as they had "no food", and telling the whole pub what a horrible attitude she had. The barmaid got on the phone and asked her superior to "come downstairs and give this gentleman a refund as apparently I have a bad attitude" whilst looking like a petulant child. The person on the other end of the phone must have authorised the refund as she then went and opened the till and handed him his money. A couple of minutes later, the supervisor who was on the other end of the phone came downstairs. How brave ! She should have really come down and sorted it out herself.

Still, it was entertaining :) And we decided to stay. Turns out the only food they didn't have was burgers, which to be honest removed a third of the menu as there was a good few burger options, although they did have the Veggie burger, so I was happy. I went for that.

It was served with big thick chunky chips, which looked amazing, but sadly they were cooked in very old stale fat and peppered with black burnt remnants from previous fryings. (having working in kitchens over the years, I have grown to recognise the taste of fat when it needs changed)

The burger was good though :)

Hubby had a jacket potato, perfectly cooked with crispy skin and fluffy potato. It was topped with beans and cheese.

We wanted salt, but none to be found, so Hubby queued at the bar for ages to get some, there was only one barstaff on who was serving drinks at the bar, and taking the food out.

Once he got to the bar he was told that the salt was in the sauce pot on our table, we had to empty all the sauce sachets out of the little bowl to find the little salt packs laying at the bottom !

Luckily we weren't too worried about service or quality as we were just grabbing a quick lunch, good job really. So if it's just a bite to eat the place is ok, but just ok, if I was in Lancaster again I would try somewhere else.

You get what you pay for as they say :)

James St,
01524 63720

Let us know if you have been.

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