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Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Jubilee/Pub Food/Cleveleys

Having visited the fabulous Harvester pub in Sunderland, we decided while in Lancaster to hunt down another.

The closest was the one in Cleveleys, called The Jubilee, which was about 15 miles away, so off we went.
On entering, the place didn't look as tidy as the Sunderland one, and there was a 15 minute wait for a table, which was fine as we were not in a hurry. We got a seat by the window looking out onto the seafront. Pity about the weather though :)

There is a good choice of Veggie options on the menu, as mentioned in the previous blog, so I went for the Soya & Mushroom sausages with herby white sauce.

Actually, they were not very nice really, dry and cloggy with a half (very small half) of grilled tomatoes and a spoon of cold peas. Mean portion of chips too.
Hubby had steak, it looked quite scraggy to be honest, and was very thin, overcooked and chewy.

The salad bar in Sunderland was full and fresh looking and clean, this one was messy with food spilling into other pots, some pots were empty and needed refilling, and when I asked if the coleslaw was the same as in other Harvesters (onion free) I got a "yeah" with no eye contact as the waitress scurried past.

Would definately go back to a Harvester again, as the salad bar is so good, but not sure if I would bother going back to this one.
Here are the contact details for you.
The Jubilee
Jubilee Park
North Promenade
Tel: 01253858128

Let us know if you have been.

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