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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Duke Of York/Pub Food/Whitby

On visiting Whitby we decided to trot up to the Abbey, but on facing the steps decided we needed some fuel first.  Right at the bottom of the Abbey steps was a little door way for the Duke Of York pub.

A really pretty entrance, leading to a more traditional style pub with a fantastic view over Whitby harbour.

Sadly, that's the good bits over with.

The staff were nothing short of rude, abrupt and fankly a little scarey.

We were a group or four, and although paying seperately, wanted our food to be served together.  We asked when ordering at the till and was told "Well your orders are after each other so of course they will come together"  Fair enough.  We pointed out what table we were on and placed our order.

 "Help yourself to cutlery" the barmaid said, without actually telling us where it was.  We found it on the wall, a 'pigeon hole' style shelf thing with the slots full of knives, forks, sauces etc...  it wasn't very clean and we had to sort through the cutlery to find clean ones.

Sitting there chatting and a lady comes out of the kitchen with two plates shouting ORDER 65. So we sat there like dummies not realising we even had an order number.  In the end we worked it out by her not getting an answer from other customers.  It was the last two meals ordered too.  They were plonked on the table and we felt as though we had really held her back.

This prompted me to root about in my pockets for the reciept to find out our order number, all that was on there was a "Colour Touch" number, whatever that might be, but it was 64 so that made sense.  Pity we hadn't been told this at the bar when we ordered, would have made things much simpler.

The kitchen lady returned and shouted ORDER 56, so of course we sat quietly again, having had number 64 on our reciept.  Again, we then worked out it was probably our food, and questioned what she had.  She had a burger & fries and a bowl of curly fries in her hand, so I enquired if there was a cheese sandwich to go with it (this was to check it was our order, not to complain) she barked "Yes, but this is a good start" and more or less threw them down. 

So, we had our food.  I had a cheese & pickle sandwich and a side of curly fries.
The margarine on the sandwich was so thick you could taste it above the cheese.  I had to remind them about the pickle that was then provided in a little paper pot.

The curly fries were lovely - served with a garlic mayo which tasted a bit weird.

Hubby had a home-made cheeseburger with chips. 

He said the burger was really nice and tasty, but the insipid chips, which there was very few of, were dry and boring.  He ate half of the curly ones instead.

Our friends had baquettes - Crab and Ham

Both of them said the baguettes were very chewy, so either undercooked, or stale.  But the ham was lovely.

When our tables were cleared, the barmaid said to me "I see you have left the healthy stuff" obviously meaning the quarter of tomato, few limp lettuce leaves and a sprinkle of cress!

What a shame about this place, it has the most amazing view and could be a fabulous little diner - even if they just got the baguettes right - nice, fresh, warm and crusty.

Here are the details for you, please comment if you have been.

Duke Of York
Y022 4DE
01947 600324

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