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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Rahi At The Waterloo/Indian/Carlisle

This is a follow up blog for this establishment.
No photos unfortunately.

This time a group of girls visited for a friends birthday.

We were greeted as we went in and offered a drink.  As we were trying to decide what wine to choose, we were given samples of the house wine, which was "gluggable" in large quantities, so we got a few carafes of that.

Poppodums were served, with plenty of tasty dips, and extra brought on request.

On choosing a starter, I asked if a dish could be adapted into a Veggie option.  It was, and I had the most gorgeous Mushroom Chat.  Delicious and a large portion.

For a main, I did the same - asking for something to be adapted. Not only was this fine, but suggestions were suggested to make it better.  I ended up with a Paneer and Spinach dish in a sauce that I cannot remember, but it was very lovely.

Everyone agreed it was a delicious meal, the staff were attentive and helpful, and we all got a little shot of something at the end of the meal. (Midori & Baileys I think).

Referrring back to the original blog about this restaurant, I had to follow it up as there were no complaints at all this time.  Could have been we went on the opening day last time so odd little things needed tweaked, seems like that has been done.

Rahi at The Waterloo

01228 549200

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