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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Wheatsheaf/Pub Food/Carlisle

We had been told to visit The Wheatsheaf Inn in Wetheral by some friends, who said the food was excellent.

Wetheral is a little village just a few miles out of Carlisle.  Not walk-able and I am unsure of decent bus routes, you would probably need to drive.

There is a good sized car park around the back of the pub.

We first went a few months ago with some friends, we booked a table and on the way there we tried to check out the menu for Vegetarian options.  We were looking on an iPhone and not having much success at all...which leads me onto the website. it's not any better when viewed on a PC either.  Sack the web designer, it's blooming awful!  And NEVER open it at work unless you have your mute button on as it has loud background music.

Walking into the pub you get a feeling of not belonging.  It really is a very "Villagey" pub and is full of locals - which is great in this economic climate.  But if you are wanting a quiet, romantic meal, this is not the place for you.  We booked a table, and actually felt a bit guilty at lots of people standing around staring longingly at this vacant place.

Anyway, despite the lack of Veggie options on the online menu, they actually have a good range of Veggie choices and some interesting dishes, like 'Deep Fried Avocado on a Chick-Pea Pattie'.

I went for a 'Tree Hugger' burger..... obviously all Vegetarians are tree-hugging hippies  :)  slightly condescending.  However, aside from the name it was quite fantastic.

A chick pea burger, topped with a breaded brie, salad and other bits and bobs.  I seem to remember it comes with onion rings and salsa, which I chose not to have.

It is huge, and the home-made chips are out of this world.  Fantastically plump and fluffy and perfectly cooked.  (You can also choose to swap for Sweet Potato Fries, which I did on the previous visit - delicious)

The burger menu is superb, loads of thought has gone into this with burgers such as..... (forgive me if the names are not correct, trying to do it all from memory)....Indian Burger, onion Bhaji and stuff... Scottish Burger which comes with haggis and potato waffle, and loads more.

Hubby went for the home-made chicken kiev, superb flavour with a wonderful breadcrumb which he thinks had a little bit of star anise in it.  One of our guest also went for this and said it was fabulous.

It was served with a lovely salad, with a chunk of watermelon, and chips.

Our other guest chose pork medallions in a blue cheese and mustard sauce.

Presented beautifully and  cooked to perfection, he said.  Served with a bowl of mixed vegetables, but not your usual carrot, peas and broccoli, this was peas, cabbage, courgette, baby onions....  What a lovely change.

The main meals are around £10.00 a head, some might think a little pricey for a pub, but the food is fantastic, worth every penny.  The only thing that would stop me going every week is the establishment itself.  What it needs is a dining room, a conservatory just for dinners, a proper eating experience.  The food would certainly keep people coming back, the loud music, endless loud chatter from the drinkers, and overall 'busyness' of the place would make me always think twice.

And the toilets, although clean enough, could do with a good slap of paint and a tidy up.

Oh... and as a final word, they advertise Sky Sports, and they have some decent sized TV's on the wall.  If you go on a football night, it's going to be manic!

Here is the website and contact details:  Do let us know if you go....

The Wheatsheaf Inn

01228 560 686


  1. Why have you stopped writing? You have a wonderful blog - informative and interesting. As a total foodie, i love the advice, the yays and nays... keep it up, dont give up! :) I'm a follower now, hope to read many more! xxx

  2. Oh thanks, I have been a bit lazy and have a few blogs to catch up on :) I love your blog too, just had a peep at it.