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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Ship Inn/Pub Food/Carlisle

We trotted along to The Ship Inn on a recommendation that "the chips are excellent".  Well, how could we resist?

Situated in a little Village called Thursby, just a few miles outside of Carlisle towards Wigton.  Not walkable really from Carlisle, there are buses that stop close to the pub, but you would need to check times. There is a large car park behind the pub.

If you park in the car park you can enter the building via the back door, you have to walk through a waft of cigarette smoke though if you are unlucky enough to arrive at a fag break time :)

From here you can turn to the right to go into the bar, or left & down a few stairs to the restaurant area.

Nicely set up, in Pub food style rather than restaurant, but having a separate dining area deserves a big "well-done", it makes all the difference to a nice eating experience.  We sat close to the bar, unfortunately right next to a speaker which was screaming out loud pop music.  We did ask for it to be turned down as we could hardly hear ourselves speak, and it was, but a good 10 minutes later.

The menu had plenty of choice and a good few veggie options  (although these are not featured on the online menu at all)

I went for Vegetable Kiev, served with a lovely side salad and a generous portion of home-made chips.  The recommendation pointing us towards the chips was spot on, they were delicious.  The kiev was just a 'drop in the frier' type, but that' ok, the effort was there to put something different on the menu for a Veggie, and that's always appreciated.

Hubby went for his usual Gammon, served with egg, coleslaw, salad & veg, the chips were served separately and it was a rather generous meal.

The waitress was lovely, I tend to think she is perhaps the owner, very friendly and full of chatter.

A nice meal, and the chips are definitely worth going to try.

They have a website.....

The Ship Inn
The Green, 
Telephone: 01228 710600

Let us know if you go....

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  1. The Ship used to be my regular watering hole a few years back, good to see it still survives!