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Monday, 21 June 2010


My name is Sue, and I like to eat - lots :)

My partner and I, my kids and I, my friends and I and anyone else and I go out, quite regularly, to eat.

When friends want to go out, they phone me to ask where the deals are that evening, and sadly, I always know.

After every experience, I write it up on Trip Advisor, good or bad, then thought I should start my very own blog, afterall, someone might notice it and offer me a job as a real food critic - that would be fab :)

So, about me....... I am 40 ish, chubby (guess why?) I do go to the Vibro Gym, but mainly to enable me to eat out more and feel less guilty, married with three teenagers.

I am an Onion hating Vegetarian, which can prove extremely tricky. I also dislike Blue Cheese and Peppers, so not the easiest Veggie to feed.

I must point out that the Onion thing is a phobia, so if I cannot see them, I can eat them. Let me tell you the story. Many moons ago, when I was younger than 8yrs old, I went to a school which forced you to eat everything on your plate. One day the vegetable was boiled onion (Euwwww, it's hard to even type it!!) and I had two on my plate. I stuck my fork into one and all the layers popped out like Russian Dolls.

Anyway, I refused to eat it, so the teacher made me sit right through my afternoon lessons, which incidentally were Maths and RE - shows how much it messed with my head that I can remember that, but I still refused to eat.

At home time, I thought I would get away with it, but the teacher said if I did not eat the onions I would have to stay there all night on my own! I thought my Mum would kill me if I did not go home, so gobbled down the onions and ran, crying and retching, to the school gates.

Very unusually, my Dad had come to pick me up, well he did have a new car, collected just that day, and wanted to show it off a bit. I jumped in and promptly threw up all over the interior, and then again out of the window, down the side, all the way home.

This was the first and only time my Dad contacted the school, he was furious, and I have never eaten an onion since. Well, that is a complete lie, I have eaten lots of onions since, I just haven't seen them :)

So, the aim of this blog is to bring you the good and the bad of places I visit. Service to me matters more than mistakes, anything can be sorted out with a smile.

Hope you enjoy it.



  1. OK, now I understand the white round things. I am not surprised you hate them. I must admit I dont like the boiled whole round things done that way. But stir fried or crispy are fab.

  2. Was your dad upset about you being forced to eat something, or having his car christened?!

  3. No Billie, he was upset about his car :) I never had to eat onions at school again, but I did have to eat the cabbage :)