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Monday, 28 June 2010

The Outpost/Asian/Carlisle

PLEASE NOTE:  The Outpost, as reviewed here has now changed ownership and name to "The Royal Outpost".  This review therefore is out of date and irrelevant.  It will be removed once a new review is in place.

The Outpost is a new restaurant, opened by Urvesh Bhagudia of The Spice Enterprise.

Situated above The Cumberland Inn close to the top of Botchergate in Carlisle City Centre.

The restaurant has no parking, you may be lucky and get a spot beside the Railway Station just a few minutes up the road, otherwise you would need to find a car park - William Street (Off Tate Street) or behind Walkabout are close enough.

The Outpost has it's own doorway, next to the door for The Cumberland Inn, walk up the stairs and into a lovely, well decorated, modern eatery. The staff are welcoming, polite and helpful.

I went with my five girlfriends, it was on a warm summer night, and it was a little hot in there, but Urvesh did open the windows for us.

We started with Poppadums, and dips - beautiful hand-made dips, quite unlike others I have tried, but Vegetarians watch out for the Shimp one, I just narrowly missed it.

I started with Kari Puffs - A perfect starter size portion, which I was instructed to "eat with my fingers" - I did :)

Really tasty with a nice spice blend and mixed vegetables, in crisp pastry with a sweet chilli dip. I also had some of my friends coriander and yoghurt dip which was to die for.

To follow I had Paneer and Cashew Nut Korma (half portion). A gorgeously creamy korma with a good kick of spice, making it very tasty. I also had a half portion of Crispy Fried Okra with coconut & chillies - this is amazing, I have decided I love Okra and will continue to return to this restaurant even if it is just for a bowlful of the Okra :)

To go with it I shared a coconut rice and a spicy vegetable noodles with my friend - both of which were very yummy. The best bit is I asked for no onions and got none :)

I did mean to take the photograph before it all got jumbled up on my plate, but was too eager to start and nearly forgot !

There was plenty of food, portion sizes were more than ample (there was acutally much more than is shown on my plate, and do try the netted bread, it is like a pancake mix - light and fluffy.

The Outpost is open most days, but closed on a Monday, except Bank Holidays. There is a Dinner Deal that runs from 5-7pm weeknights.

The website is still being constructed, but here is the link.


  1. was there last Frid. It was ok but a little expensive for what you get. Not an Asian in site or anyone to tell us about the dish. I was also charged for 2 beers when i only had 1,that is a big no no!! overall i give it
    6 out of 10!

  2. I have not been for ages, I did look at the menu when in town last week though, it looks like there is totally different dishes on it. What did you have?

  3. Note that Urvesh is no longer connected to The Outpost so please don't assess his food by what you are served now in this place. Shame, it used to be superb.

  4. Yep, Urvesh is not back in The Spice Enterprise, and I think "The Outpost" is now known as "The Royal Outpost". I shall put a note at the top of the post.