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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

La Pergola/Italian/Carlisle

Situated on Castle Street in Carlisle, inbetween the Cathedral and Tullie House, you will find a set of steep stairs. These lead down to La Pergola restaurant. You shouldn't miss it, there is a board outside with specials on usually.

La Pergola - say after me..... La Perg-ala, not La Per-gola

Parking is generally easy enough on an evening. You can park on the street outside, if you can find a space. During the day would be trickier, so the best place to park would be "Devonshire Walk" Car Park, which is situated to the left of the Castle (as you look at it). Walk over the Millenium Bridge and round onto Castle Street.

Lunch 12.00pm - 14.00pm, Evening 18.00pm - 22.00pm / Closed Sundays.

You feel the atmoshphere of this charming little restaurant as you walk down the steps. Inside there is a 'main room' which has around 6 tables, and then lots of little alcoves with more tables. You can have a little alcove all to yourself, very intimate and romantic.

You are always greeted with a smile. The staff always look very smart in their nice red waistcoats, and there is a well stocked bar which you may sit at while you wait for a table.

The menu is extensive, there is something to please everyones taste, and as the food is cooked fresh, they are always happy to adapt to suit. Good Vegetarian choices too.

Tables are beautifully set with tablecloths, and proper cloth napkins, wine glasses and cutlery. With a black pepper grinder on each table.

I went with my husband Andrew, we often go on a Monday evening as the Happy Hour menu is available all night.

So, onto the food.

Always try the bread, it is hand-made, crusty and fresh, served with proper butter. Be careful though, it is very moreish and you will easily fill yourself up.

To start I had ...

Funghi alla Boscaiola - Button mushroom pan fried with garlic, bacon, grain mustard, brandy and cream - served on a crouton (I order without Bacon)

Don't be fooled into thinking a crouton is a small piece of bread, this is a doorstep of homemade toasted garlic bread topped with the most delicious creamy, mustardy mushrooms I have ever tasted. Portions are not shy at all in this restaurant.

Andrew had, and always has....

Pizza all'Aglio con Mozzarella - Garlic pizza with mozzarella cheese

It positively glistens with juicyness.

Then onto the main course.

I had....

Penne ai Broccoli - Broccoli, cream and a touch of chilli

with an extra pinch of chilli :) Beautifully cooked broccoli in a rich cream sauce, topped with black pepper, it is a really tasty pasta dish. I have never managed to finished it.

Andrew had....

Lasagna della Casa - Home made lasagana

Andrew is a very fussy eater and would not normally order a lasanga for fear of it being full of vegetables, but he loves this one, very meaty and rich.

We don't do puddings, never have the room.

The bill came to approx £35.00, this included two larges glasses of wine, and 2 cokes, but not the tip. Remember though, that this was a Monday evening, so happy hour prices on our main courses, other evenings will cost a little more.

The website is a little out of date, but here is the link.

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  1. Once again I visited this place and as always it was first class. Home made garlic bread is a must. I had gnocchi dolcelatte and it was heaven. They made my sister a 'mini' vegan pizza as she is unable to eat large portions. Stepmum had 'dish of the day' which was scampi with big fat 'proper' chips.

    A whisky and water was ordered and the little glass jug the water was poured from was gorgeous. The glass the whisky was in was even more gorgeous. There are things to look at in every nook and cranny...all pretty, unusual things.

    This is a top class restaurant at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!!!