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Monday, 11 October 2010

Fu Man Lou/Chinese/Carlisle

Sadly I am having to do a quick follow up blog on this restaurant.

We phoned a couple of weeks ago to see if they still offered their fabulous £12.50 meal deal as were we planning to take some friends, but they said they did not do it anymore, that was a little disspointing so we went elsewhere that night.

However last night we decided we fancied a Chinese meal, so off we went, asked for a table for three, and was sat down with some Prawn Crackers.

The waiter came back to take out drink orders and I ordered a large red wine, but only to be told "We have no glasses of Red Wine, we only have bottles" Even though 175mm and 250mm glasses of wine were offered on the drinks menu.

I didn't want to buy a bottle, so I asked could he not open a bottle and pour me a glass? He said "No, the Boss says we are not allowed to open bottles as the rest of the wine gets wasted."

In the end we discussed it, then decided to leave. I would have actually had two large glasses which equated to 2/3rds of a bottle, so I am sure the price would have covered the bottle cost anyway.

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