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Thursday, 14 April 2011

First Class/Chinese/Stony Stratford

We always visit this restaurant while in the Milton Keynes area, it is fabulous for the Vegetarian with fake chicken, beef and duck options.

It is actually in the small town of Stony Straford which is just a few miles from Milton Keynes, right bang in the middle of the high street.  There are a few parking spots on the road outside.

It is not great to look at visually from the outside, and the crockery is something else - weird leaf shaped chunky plates made from the thickest glazed pottery - like something you would stand a plant pot on !  But the food has always been excellent.

If you visit the toilets then you get the feeling you are in some grubby teenagers flat with a grubby carpet and peeling deco - but they were clean enough.  The flooring in the main restaurant is fun though, little goldfish on the tiles.

So, onto the food.  We usually go in a group, and the service has always been excellent.  I went for a fake duck starter, served with veg, pancakes and hoi-sin sauce.

The "duck" was fabulous, really really enjoyed it, the hoi-sin was a bit thin though, but when we asked for a second pot it was much thicker, so I guess they water it down.

Check out the plate  :)

Others in the party had Vegetarian Spring Rolls.

Satay chicken, which looked amazing and was served upon a bed of chopped veg & pineapple.

For a main course I went for Crispy Fried "Beef" in chilli sauce.

This was served in a cooked bowl made from the pancakes that are usually served with the duck, they were nice and crispy and the sauce was lovely.  I asked for no onions or peppers, but it came with "no veg", which was a shame as I quite like the other veg and it would have been a nice addition.  Serves me right for being so fussy.

Others in the party had, chicken & cashewnuts (served in the birds nest pancake bowl)

Spicy battered prawns.

Some beef dish, can't remember quite what.

And a Thai chicken curry.

Heard no complaints and everyone seemed to be enjoying their food a lot.

The bill worked out at just £20 a head, the service charge was added to the bill before it was given to us, apparently that't the norm for tables over 6 people.  (There was 7 of us)

We will return to this restaurant again when we are back in the area, it is a must for Vegetarians who would like something other than veggies in sauce for a change.

Here are the details for you.

First Class Restaurant
52 High Street,
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes,
MK11 1AQ.

01908 - 307688

The menus are all downloadable from the website.

Feel free to comment if you have been.

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  1. I have eaten in this restaurant a couple of times and would highly recommend it - the food has been delicious both times and the service has been very good.