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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jinnah/Indian/Flaxton York

While staying in York we fancied an Indian meal.

A quick Google gave us The Jinnah, which was just down the road from where we were staying, so we decided to pop along and try it out. 

Situated on the A64 mid way between York and Malton, it has it's own large car park and is an impressive looking restaurant.

Inside is just as impressive, with the restaurant itself, along with a conservatory section, a lounge and a bar area.

We were greated by a waiter in Indian style dress, he showed us to a table in the conservatory and went through the menus with us.  There was an "all you can eat" buffet for £11.95 per person.  A asked if there was Veggie options on the buffet, and was described three, so we decided we would all go for that.

First of all we were brought Poppadums with dips - and what a wonderful dip selection. Fabulously chunky mango chutney and a beautiful lime pickle.

For starters we were brought a platter of lots of different starters, these were cooked fresh and not taken from the buffet station.  The Veggie starters were brought on a seperate plate, and I got 4 items, all of which were delicious.
I must apologise for the photo, I had eaten all mine and the rest of the group had made a good hole in the meat plate before I remembered I should have taken a photo!

When we all hit the buffet, none of us were actually needing to eat anymore due to the portion sizes of the starters.  I was dismayed however to find the three veggie dishes very very onion based, I should have checked first really, and the onions were way to big for me to be able to ignore.  (See Onion Phobia Blog)

So, the choice was to just eat rice, or order a fresh meal for myself.  I decided to order a meal.  I explained to the waitress about my dislike of onions and barely before I could finish the sentence she stopped me, said "Not a problem" and shouted through to the open-plan kitchen.

Within minutes two vegetarian, no onion, dishes were presented to our table, and still included in the buffet price.  Now that's what I call great service!!

And, wow, they were delicious!!  Not quite sure what I had, but it was really really good.

Here is a photo of some of the buffet curries.

Everyone agreed it was a lovely restaurant.  The food was great, although one said if returning he would order from the menu as the buffet dishes were "too saucey" for his tastes.  The chicken tikka on the starter platter would have been perfect apparently.

They even brought a 'free-of-charge' desert with a candle in for one of the party whose birthday it was, which was nice.

Would definately return if in the area, and would be happy to reccommend too.

They also have other restaurants in Harrogate, Sheffield and York, as well as this one in Flaxton.

Here are the details for you.

Jinnah Restaurant,
on the A64,
Malton Road,
YO60 7SQ

01904 468202

Feel free to comment if you have been.

Oh.... and apparently Jimmy Saville is a friend of the owner  :)

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