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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


We heard about this restaurant on our Facebook page and thought as it is only a few miles away (about 20) we should give it a go.

Situated in Burrowgate in Penrith, it used to be an old nightclub (Chaplins) and is next door to the Co-Op.  No good for people with poor mobility though as quite a few stairs to climb to reach the restaurant.

We walked into a large open space, very modern looking with comfy looking leather armchairs and low tables. Lovely vinyl decals on the wall for decoration.

We were shown to a table by a waiter with a love bite - nice !! 

The seating was a little odd to be honest, ideal for a drink and nibbles but for a meal you either had to sit back and take the risk of spilling curry down your front, or pearch yourself on the edge of the chair to eat over the table.

We started with the obligatory Poppadums and dips, the tomato & chilli one was particuarly good, the mango sauce needed to be thicker but tasted fine.

For a starter I chose a potato dish in a mild creamy sauce.

It was really rather bland to be honest, I suppose that's potatoes for you, but it was quite unexciting.

Hubby had an onion and lentil bajhi.

He got a few little nuggets of what tasted like fried breadcrumbs. Expected them to be bigger and to actually taste of something.

For a main there was no specialist choices for Vegetarians, simply a list of sauces with "mixed Veg" - the sad thing is not ALL Vegetarians like ALL Vegetables, and we certainly don't want all of them in every meal.  A tiny bit of imagination could offer up some fabulous alternatives.

Anyway, I went for a Vegetable Baree  (Honey and fruit curry)

The sauce was actually very delicious, would have been fabulous with Paneer (Indian Cheese) but they didn't have any) instead the mixed Veg was a lot of potatoes and cabbage, with a tiny, tiny bit of carrot. 

Thank goodness for the lovely bread - stuffed paratha with spicy potatoes.

This was delicious and was perfect dipped in the yummy Baree sauce.

Hubby had chicken tikka, no complaints there, nice moist, tasty chicken.

There was also "home-made" chips on the menu, which you just have to have.  Not entirely convinced they were home-made though when they arrived, weren't very exciting.

I ordered everything without onions, as usual, and also ordered a Lemon Rice, but forgot to ask for no onions in that and sadly it wasn't picked up ( Most places they do realise and leave them out) so I didn't get to try that, but it certainly smelled very good.

This restaurant does not have a dessert menu stranglely. not that we wanted one.

The bill was just over £40, for poppadums, 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides and bread, along with a soft drink and large glass of wine.

No website, but here are the details for you:

11-11A Burrowgate
CA11 7TE
01768 210 020

Let us know if you go.

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