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Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Ashora/Indian/Glasgow

Found this restaurant on Google while looking for a nice place to eat near the Theatres in Glasgow.  This statement made up our minds as it sounded totally unique...

Awarded the best food in Glasgow by BBC's good food guide magazine. The only indian restaurant in Scotland to use the method of oven bake cooking, without the use of oil. Arguably the most unique cooking in Britain.

Situated on Elderslie Street in Glasgow's West End, it was easy enough to find, not far from Charing Cross Station.  Didn't seem to be any parking outside or nearby though.

Walking into the Ashora the first impression was it was a little dark and dismal.  Some very ornate carved chairs with very high backs and different heavy print material on them. Some were animal print and others were kind of greek patterned print.  Odd.

The tables were set with very huge heavy charger plates and ornate tableware.  Looked very medieval.

There was just one more couple in the restaurant. We arrived at 6.30pm and had two hours until we needed to be at our show at 8.30pm.

We were shown to our seat by a waiter with very very limited English.

We sat quite a while before a drink order was taken, the house wine was very nice though.  

A couple of poppadums arrived, which we had not ordered, which was nice. Then our orders were taken.

For a starter I chose....COMBO ADRAK.  Which was a button mushroom, breaded and topped with a ginger curry.

It was delicious, the ginger curry topping was a fabulous addition to the mushrooms and it was a large sized portion.

Hubby went for....ONION BHAJI.  These were patties rather than than the usual balls, tasty he said, but a bit soggy inside. Again, a huge portion for a starter.

The starters took ages to arrive, at this time we were the only people left in the restaurant.  As a joke I suggested to my Hubby that we would have to leave if the main courses were not delivered by 7.45pm.  It was now 7.15pm and we had been in the restaurant for 3/4 of an hour.  Unfortunately it turned out not to be a joke as by 7.45pm the main course still had not arrived.  The waiter with limited English came over and apologised for the food being late, but because it was a "quiet night" there wasn't many staff in and they had to concentrate on the take-aways!!!

After explaining we had a show to go to, he nipped off to the kitchen and came back immediately with the food - strange, or good timing, who knows.

For a main course I had opted for another starter of Panneer in a sauce.  I can't remember exactly what I ordered and cannot find it on the online menu, but I remember it wasn't as what I expected, but it was ok. 

I had it with a stuffed Paratha which was nice.

Hubby ordered Chicken Tikka with Fried Rice, but actually got Chicken Tikka Massala.  We had no time to get it changed so he painstakenly scraped the sauce off the chicken.  Obviously it spoiled his meal slightly.

By now we were rushing, and asked the restaurant to book us a taxi, the owner came over to tell us a taxi was booked, but if by chance it was late he would "get one of his delivery drivers to run us down", which I thought was a lovely touch.  He also knocked off a couple of pounds for getting one of the meals wrong. 

Would we go back?  Probably not, there are better places to eat in Glasgow and the waiting times were pretty bad.

Here are the details for you....

The Ashoka,
108 Elderslie Street,West End, G3 7AR. Phone: 0141 221 1761

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