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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Eastern Cuisine Express/Chinese/Carlisle

Eastern Chinese Express is situated on Blackfriars Street in Carlisle, directly opposite the back door of Tesco. No parking outside, but there is parking in the main car parks of Carlisle, all of them within walking distance.

They describe themselves as a "Fast Food Restaurant", so don't go if you fancy a romantic meal with tableclothes and candles, it is very basic, but the food is fantastic.  

It has around 10 small tables, not unlike a seaside fish & chip cafe.  There are often "reserved" signs on the table, and you will be asked when you go in if you have booked.  But they soon whip a sign off and seat you - perhaps it's just to stop people seating themselves.

The staff are well presented, friendly and busy, the restaurant is spotlessly clean and tidy.

They do a number of offers at lunch, one being a buffet option for around £4.00, the items on the buffet change from day to day and the menu is shown on the door.  Another option is a lunch deal with a starter and main course for around £6.00.

We decided to choose from the main menu.

I went for a "Big Bowl Noodle" meal, you choose your meat/veg/fish, then your choice of noodles, then your choice of sauce.  This is authentic style Chinese food and tastes fabulous.

I went for  mixed vegetable, thin egg noodle and sweetcorn soup.

When it arrived it just looked like a massive bowl of soup, but on digging into the sauce it was jam packed with veg and noodles and absolutely gorgeous.

Hubby had chicken fried rice, which he says was very nice and well seasoned.

Had it with a pot of Chinese tea.

I went back a little while later and had the Vegetable Chow Mien, which was equally as good.

The bill was around £15 for two large meals, tea and coke.

Opening hours are odd, they close at 3.00pm weekdays and 4.30pm Saturdays, but they do home deliveries up until 10.00pm.  Its a pity they are not open on evenings as I think they would be very busy.

Here are the details...

49-53 Blackfriars Street, 
Tel: 01228-512100

Please comment if you have been.

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