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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Zefferellis/Vegetarian Italian/Ambleside

Zefferrellis cinema, restaurant and café bar on Comston Road has to be one of the greatest reasons to visit Ambleside.

A modern, clean, fresh restaurant, with a refreshing waterfall feature inside, makes it a nice place for a meal away from the hustle and bustle of The Lake District.

We always book, having been turned away a couple of times in high season.

If you are lucky, on an evening, you can sometimes grab a parking space outside, otherwise there is a public car park at the top of the road (signposted) and just 5 minutes walk away.

Zefferellis is a "Wholefood Vegetarian" restaurant, meat eaters will seriously not miss meat, there is so much on offer. In fact, the first time we went we were half way through our meal before we even realised.

It is also connected to a Cinema, and you can buy a "Movie Deal" where you get dinner and a cinema reservation. Check out the website for more details (link at bottom of the page).

The dough base for the Pizzas is wholemeal, but light and fluffy, and you can get fresh garlic chopped and kneaded into the base if you ask them nicely.

I went with three other people, we all ordered a different pizza, and we all cleared our plates - just. We didn't order single starters,. instead chose to share a Garlic Bread with Cheese between 4 of us, totally delicious, dripping with Garlic Butter, and we couldn't manage puddings, which was a shame.

I had the ...

TOSCANA - With Goats Cheese, Pine Nuts, Fresh Rocket - and swapping the peppers for Mushrooms.

Another of our party had the...

RAIN FOREST - Spinach, Roasted Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Red Onions and Mozzarella
(When you purchase the Rain Forest Pizza, Zefferellis donate 25p from each pizza sold to a small botanical sanctuary in Kerela, India. This donation buys a piece of land approx 40 times the size of the pizza!)

The service is proffesional and quick, but perhaps a little "cold", a few more smiles and conversation wouldn't go amiss.

Here is the website, you can download the menu on PDF.

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