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Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Auctioneer/Pub Food/Carlisle

It has been years since I went to the Auctioneer, but having found it on a website featuring places to eat in Carlisle, thought we should try it again.

Situated on the Rosehill Industrial Estate in Carlisle, just minutes off Junction 43 of the M6, this is a large building that has two sections - The Auctioneer which is a restaurant style establishment serving Pub Food, and The Shepherds Inn, which caters for parties such as weddings and corporate events.

Loads of parking outside. Walking would take a while from Carlisle Town Centre (about 40 minutes) but there is a bus route close by.

We went on a Saturday for lunch, we were having a later lunch and arrived at 1.45pm, they stop serving lunches at 2pm, so we just made it.

Nicely set out with a huge bar area, nicely dressed waiting staff in crisp white and black. It is set on two levels so doesn't feel too much like a canteen.

The menus were in acrylic holders on each table which kept them nice and clean, and easy to look at.

Really really fancied the Nut Roast which is on the menu online, but alas it wasn't on the menu inside, instead they had a Vegetable Kiev which sounded really nice so I chose that. It was really nice to have something different offered to Veggie Folk, and really quite simple - other places take note! The alternative Veggie option was a Vegetable Lasagna, another choice on the menu would be appreciated....please :)

Hubby chose Haddock. Both were served with vegetables, salad and a table service of a large portion of chips.

Food arrived very quickly, nicely presented and plenty of it.

The one minus point for food would be that the Veggie Kiev tasted of fish, I am guessing they cooked it in the same fryer as Hubbys Haddock, slightly dissapointing, but as we got there later perhaps they had turned the other fryers off - that is presuming they have a seperate one for Veggie food.

We did plan to have a dessert as they looked amazing (they were kept in a cabinet by the bar) but we were too full in the end, which means we will have to go back another time :)

We were aware that we were probably keeping the staff back due to the time, but the people on the next table were told they could sit a while as they didn't close until 3pm - however, once that couple had left and we were the only ones left (at around 2.30pm) the music went off and the cleaning began. We had finished eating so drank up and left.

Would probably return, but there are more exciting places to eat.

Excellent website with loads of information on it, including sample menus.

Feel free to comment if you have been.

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