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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Situated on Lonsdale Street in Carlisle, just beside the bus station, this is a fresh looking, un-fussy style restaurant.

Parking is an issue during the day, you would probably have to use one of the City's car parks and walk, but to be perfectly honest, the only once I went during the day would not tempt me to return at lunch time. We were the only ones in, and felt like we were disturbing the waiter (dressed in a football t-shirt and jeans) whose English was not good at all and we were having to try and get across what we wanted to eat !
On an evening, if you are lucky you can park outside Alternative Gift Shop, otherwise park around St Pauls Church and walk back.

We used to frequent this restaurant a lot, usually most Sunday evenings as they do a cracking dinner deal on a Sunday Evening - 7 course for under £10.00 !

Unfortunately the quality started to lack quite considerably, and after three chances to get things to be right, we stopped going. Main issues were cold food with skin on, very watery mint sauce, stained tableclothes. We had continued to go as we remembered just how good it used to be, but finally gave up.

However..... three months later, we thought we would give it a final go with some friends, and they have started to restore our faith - it was back to being good. Hopefully this is now the norm and not just a lucky day !

So, the "7 courses" for under a tenner, consists of...
  • Poppadums & Dips
  • Any starter (ex King Prawn)
  • Any Main (excluding King Prawn
  • Any Side Dish
  • Any Rice
  • Any Naan
  • Coffee

Now the portions on this deal are not massive, but why would you want them to be? There is plenty to eat without feeling bad that you have left loads.

They serve a wonderful red coconut with the poppadoms, this is the only place I have seen this served, and it is a lovely accompaniment.

To start I had Vegetable Pakora - 2 Mushrooms in crisp tasty batter, and 2 slices of Aubergine - as I say, not huge portions on this deal, but I actually prefer that.

The mint sauce was a good consistancy which was nice.

To follow I adapted a meal and had Mushroom Massala, they have the usual "Mixed Vegetable Curries" on the menu, but they were happy to cook my request for me.

I had this with Peas Pilau, which was really delicious, Cauliflower Bhaji side and Garlic Naan.

Oh, and a few chips that I stole off my partner.

Big fresh fluffy naan breads :)

There is a good wine list, and even better a single serve wine list - it actually works out cheaper to buy the single serve bottles believe it or not (or it did at the time of writing this!)

I am not willing to shout from the rooftops about this restaurant just yet, but based on the last meal we had, we will definately be back to try it again.

One change I would make however is the young man who seems to be floor manager, used to be such a happy cheery sole, but these days hardly cracks a smile. So if by chance he happens to read this blog, a message just for him - "Turn your frown upside down" :)

Cannot find a website, but the contact details are:

7 Lonsdale Street

01228 537 779

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