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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Del Villaggio/Italian/Birmingham

Situated in the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, you will find Del Villaggio.

Right opposite Pizza Express, it was a hard decision to make. We decided on Del Villaggio as we do not have one of those in our home town and thought it might be a nice change.

Decided against starters as it was just lunchtime, and went for a pizza each - Margerita for himself and Calzone for me.

When I ordered my Calzone, it was listed on the menu as Ham and Mushroom, so I asked to swap the Ham for Black Olives. I then double checked there was definately no onions in the Calzone, as I have been caught out by this once or twice. The waitress said as it wasn't on the menu it was unlikely but she would check anyway.

The pizza arrived and were huge, looked amazing. I nibbled the end of my crust, then thought I better check for Ham, but when cutting into it I found the hugest chunks of onion ever ! My heart sank.

The waitress was quite hard to attract back to the table, so we decided to just share Hubby's margerita and pushed my pizza to one side. Eventually we caught her eye and asked her to remove it from the bill - she had to go off and check this was ok, luckily it was - I wasn't planning to pay for it anway ! She pondered about how it could have happened. Good job I hadn't just tucked in.
So we ate, and made a hasty exit, mistakes always make you dissapointed and just wanting to get away.

The bill was £17, not including a tip, for one pizza and 2 soft drinks.
Next time we will opt for Pizza Express :)
Cannot find a website, contact details are:

Del Villaggio (Bullring) Restaurant.
Level 2,
B5 4BG
Tel: 0871 2070182

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