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Sunday, 4 July 2010


Thought we would give the Jasmine Thai a try, as it has recently changed ownership.

Plenty of parking spaces around in the evening, and you don't need a parking disc after 6.00pm. Failing that, there is a car park across the road which costs £1.00 for 2 hours.

We walked up the stairs to the restaurant and walked in to find three children watching TV. After a few minutes one of the youngsters spotted us and told us just to find a seat. At this point the Father/Owner arrived, and the kids packed themselves off to the kitchen.
The restaurant was nicely set out, with authentic Thai tableclothes and nice wall deco.

From there, the service was excellent, the owner was attentive, friendly and very hospitable. The only thing I would change is that he was wearing an old tatty t-shirt, and looked slightly unproffessional. A crisp nice shirt would have looked much much better.

Not a bad wine list, but only if you want a bottle. The only option to buy-by-the-glass was French, and not caring for French wine I chose not to bother.

The menu was extensive with some great Vegetarian options. There is also a 2 course meal deal for just under £9.00 and a buffet option on a Sunday evening for £9.99.

We opted for the regular menu.

I chose Deep Fried Mixed Vegetables (no onions or peppers) served with a sweet chilli dip. Beautifully crisp, melt-in-the-mouth, batter on carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and babycorn.

My partner opted for his favourite - Chicken Satay, the peanut dip looked a little oily, but tasted fabulous with big lumps of peanuts.

Next I had Thai Yellow Curry with Mixed Vegetables, my partner had Sweet & Sour Chicken, we shared Sticky Rice and Soft Noodles.

The sticky rice was lovely, a glutinous rice, almost like rice pudding without milk. The curry was very nice, but lots of asparagus which was a little woody, the other veg was lovely though.

My partner enjoyed the Sweet & Sour, but said it was "nothing out of the ordinary".

Couldn't manage a desert, in fact, didn't manage all the food.

A downside however was the children that kept appearing at the door from the kitchen to the restaurant, and the younger one crying quite a bit. If we had wanted to listen to kids messing about we would have stayed at home.

The bill came to around £35.00 not including the tip. This was for 2 starters, 2 mains and 3 sides with soft drinks.

You can order Take-Away from the Just Eat Website.

I cannot find a website, but the contact details are...

Jasmine Thai
2 Wilfred St,
Tel: 01228 599866

The restaurant also opens up as a Buddhist Temple every 2nd Sunday of the month.

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