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Thursday, 7 October 2010


Adriano is a modern, clean, well set out Italian Restaurant in the centre of Carlisle.
Situated in Rickergate directly opposite the Civic Centre.

Plenty of parking available close by on an evening, but trickier during the day as drivers are often jostling for a parking spot.
The interior is beautiful, with tiled floors, heavy iron furniture and quality place settings.

We went on a Wednesday evening with two friends, it was very empty, so we were seated and served right away.

We chose to have 'light' starters, I had Green Olives and the rest all had Garlic Pizza with Cheese.

The Olives were not very nice sadly, they were way too under-ripe and hard to bite from the stone. I only had two.

The Garlic Bread was lovely, with lots of Garlic and a good scattering of Mozzerella.

When the starter plates were removed, the un-eaten Olives were ignored, but perhaps they thought we were keeping them to nibble on during the rest of the meal.

For mains I had a Spinach & Egg pizza, it was fine, sadly nothing memorable, but tasty enough.

Hubby had a chicken pizza, and our friends had pasta dishes, Al Forno and Carbonara - all of which looked very good.

The wine, although Italian, and I don't usually care for European, was actually quite nice, and a good large 375ml glass.
The Olives were still not removed or mentioned when clearing away the dinner plates.

While we were sitting chatting at the end of our meal (we were the only people left in at this point) one waiter was cashing up the till and counting the notes, while the other brought the menu board in from outside. It was only around half nine, so not too late, but this made us feel like we were outstaying our welcome a bit so we got the bill and left.
The total bill, not including a tip, was £76, this was for 4 light starters, four main meals, two large wines and two cokes.
Would we go again? Very probably, there is nothing wrong with the place, but nothing hugely memorable either sadly, it's just regular Italian food. Certainly nothing to complain about, but on the other hand not much to get excited about either.
Here is the website, which has menus etc on, but strangely no opening days or times, or address. Give them a call to check they are open :)
Let us know if you have been.


  1. I had never heard anything particularly good about this place and therefore never went. It was an office Christmas party last year that made me go however and although no restaurant is the same at this time of year I kind of felt the same as you did. The surroundings were very pleasant and service mediocre. I would agree everything just average...they could have done more. My meal however was really good..gnocci gorgonzola. I would definately have that again. Just a tad more pleasantries would have ensured my return.

  2. A good dose of "personality" wouldn't go amiss :)