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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Foxes Cafe/Cafe/Carlisle

Foxes is a "rustic, messy, curiosity shop" style cafe in one of the back streets in Carlisle.

Situated in Abbey Street, that leads from the back of the Cathedral towards the Castle. Parking during the day is a bit hit and miss, depending if there are any one-hour spaces available, the nearest car park is Devonshire walk, then you would cross the Dual Carraigeway via the Millenium Bridge and walk up Abbey Street.

Inside the tables are rustic old wood, and old church hall style seats and pews. The walls are decorated with 40' & 50'2 style advertisments and postcards, just stuck up in a random manner, and there are all sorts of nick-nacks hanging about, like teapots stuck in an old branch, and a supersized Toblerone box in a tree !!

The cafe is on two levels, on the higher level just a few steps up, is like stepping back in time, with lots of old memorabilia - as far as I can work out not styled in any kind of theme, just a mismatch of all sorts of bits and bobs. The Cafe often has themed parties and events (Vintage Tea Parties & Local Artist Events)

Very student, arty, hippy friendly, everyone is greated with a huge smile by the happy, vocal lads that run/own it.

The menus are rather tatty, to the point that they really need replaced. The menu is "Pro Vegetarian" but they do have the odd meat option available too.

We opted for a Brie, Grape and Redcurrant Panini, served with Hummus and salad.

Unfortunately we got Bacon & Brie, my friend was able to eat hers but mine had to go back and be remade as I am Veggie.

They were beautifully served, with a criss cross of balsamic syrup and a little triangle of orange hummus.

The sandwich was fine, wasn't keen on the hummus though, not sure what was wrong with it, but it just wasn't too my taste. Lovely vanilla latte coffee though.

This is a characturistic little place, not the place if you like your eateries to be pristine and modern, but definately worth a visit if you want a nice Veggie snack with some great options. - Vegan options available too.

They are open the odd evening too, but check out their website for all the details.

Let us know if you go.

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