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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Crown & Thistle/Pub Food/Carlisle

It has been ages since I have even heard anyone mention this place, it used to have a great reputation but recently it is like it has fallen off the radar.
A couple of weeks ago though, someone said it had new management, so I though it was time to check it out again.

In Rockcliffe village, just north of Carlisle, you can get to Rockclifffe either by passing Asda supermarket (signposted) or the back road past Kingmoor. It is around 5 miles out of the City.

The pub is just as you enter the village, don't blink or you will miss the entrance to the car park, you actually drive down quite a steep driveway to a car park behind the pub.

Inside looks exactly the same as it did about 6 years ago when I was last there - clean and tidy enough, but not very modern.

We took a seat and was handed a menu. The menu was quite extensive with plenty of options for meat eaters, but sadly very lacking in Vegetarian options. Apart from the snack options of toasties and jacket potatoes, the only offering for Veggies was a vegetarian lasagna and a cheese & tomato pizza !! Not being keen on onions and peppers, the lasagna was out, and who wants a pizza for Sunday lunch?

There was a lot of Roast Dinners being served and they looked great, but no Veggie option on their either.
In the end I went for starter and chips. Mushrooms in a Garlic sauce in a pancake with Garlic bread and a bowl of chips.

The mushroom dish was really quite nice, some good flavours going on. It was ordered as a main course with chips, so a little bit of veg or salad on the side would have been appreciated.

The Garlic Bread was quite cheeky, it was cut so thin that I couldn't even pick it up in one piece from the plate!

This dish could easily be adapted to be a main course, as could other non-meat starters. Not sure why the menu planners don't think of that.
Hubby went for the Roast Dinner, 1 course was £7.95, 2 course £8.95, 3 course £9.95 - choice of either Roast Beef or Cottage Pie with trimmings for the main, along with a couple of starters and a couple of dessert choices.

He really enjoyed it, a great selection of veg and nicely cooked meat. Although they could have cut the ends off the carrots ! It also came served with an extra gravy boat which was a lovely touch.
He decided to have the sticky toffee pudding to follow, so I though it would be rude not to join him.
A nice pud, great sauce, and a nice touch of strawberries, but squirty cream - bleurgh !! Didn't realise places still used squirty cream. When you add nice touches like a wafer and fruit why not offer a proper splash of fresh cream?

The bill, not including a tip, was just under £22. This was for 1 starter, 1 bowl of chips, 1 x 2 course Roast Dinner, 1 dessert & 2 soft drinks.
Would we go back? Possibly, Hubby did enjoy his roast, but I would have to be in the mood to have a pizza or mushrooms & chips. If they put a couple of other Veggie options on then I would definately return.

Cannot find a website, but you can follow them on Facebook.

The Crown & Thistle
Tel: 08721 077 077

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